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    Linda So

    Linda So wearing just panties underneath a see-through shirt as she approaches a guy who is kneeling on the floor and then has sex with him, rolling on her back as the guy pulls her panties off and we see her breasts with the shirt open. The guy then has sex with her from behind while she is naked before they close out with Linda going down on him as he sits against a wall. After finishing, we see Linda sitting against the wall next to him with her breasts still in view from the side. From Amphetamine (AKA An fei ta ming).

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    Winnie Leung

    Winnie Leung first seen underneath a guy as they have sex on the floor, showing her breasts and then her butt as she rolls over on top of the guy. The guy reaches up to grab one breast before sitting up and continuing to have sex with Winnie in his lap. Finally, we see the guy having sex with her from behind when another guy looks on from a floor above. From Amphetamine.

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