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  • Helix (2014)

    Kyra Zagorsky

    Kyra Zagorsky lying on her back having sex with a guy and kissing him passionately giving us a glimpse of the pasties over her nipples before flipping over and having sex while riding him as he chokes her a bit and then finally out of focus as she goes to get dressed all while a guy lectures over the scene and there's brief flashes of a zombie-like person on a TV screen walking and screaming. From Helix.

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from 19-2
  • 19-2

    Tenika Davis

    Tenika Davis having hard sex with a guy who is behind her as she's bent over a sewing machine table with her green dress hiked up and unbuttoned at the top showing her cleavage in a black bra before giving us a brief glimpse of the bottom of her ass as he lays her down on a bed and proceeds to have more intense sex with her while they breathe heavily and she moans until finally they hear someone enter the house and stop. From 19-2.

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  • 19-2

    Laurence Leboeuf

    Laurence Leboeuf of Trauma fame lying on a bed as a guy slides her shirt up and touches her breast as he kisses her and a scar on her stomach before she climbs on top and straddles him and whips her shirt off to reveal a strapless black bra and black thong panties as she has intense sex with him for a while until finally she starts crying and then stops having sex. From 19-2.

    Sexy 1:18 - 27.36 MB - 1280x720 px March 1st, 2015 @ 7:00 pm Laurence Leboeuf - 19-2 - S02E05 - 1.mp4

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