from Wrong Turn 4
  • Wrong Turn 4

    Tenika Davis

    Tenika Davis naked as she leans over Kaitlyn Wong, also naked, on a bed and kisses Kaitlyn's breasts. A guy watches from afar and Tenika turns to smile at him before kissing Kaitlyn on the mouth in this lesbian scene. Tenika and Kaitlyn both show bare breasts and Tenika also shows her bare butt from the side. From Wrong Turn 4.

from 19-2
  • 19-2

    Tenika Davis

    Tenika Davis having hard sex with a guy who is behind her as she's bent over a sewing machine table with her green dress hiked up and unbuttoned at the top showing her cleavage in a black bra before giving us a brief glimpse of the bottom of her ass as he lays her down on a bed and proceeds to have more intense sex with her while they breathe heavily and she moans until finally they hear someone enter the house and stop. From 19-2.

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