from Maison close (2010)
from Girl House (2014)
  • Girl House (2014)

    Elysia Rotaru

    Elysia Rotaru falling back on a bed and showing cleavage in her bra until a guy flips her over onto all fours and has sex with her from behind, her bra now off to expose her breasts. Another guy then interrupts them and knocks the first guy out of the way, pushing Elysia onto the bed and putting tape around her mouth. As she struggles, her natural breasts bounce around we see her in nothing but a plaid skirt. From Girl House.

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  • Girl House (2014)

    Nicole Arianna Fox

    Nicole Fox showing her breasts when she smashes her way out of a locked sauna door with a rock. We then see her completely naked as she runs out of a house and jumps into a swimming pool to cool off. From Girl House.

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from I nostri ragazzi (2014)
  • I nostri ragazzi (2014)

    Barbora Bobulova

    Barbora Bobulova naked as she lies on her side in bed with a guy, her right breast in view as she talks to him and leans over to kiss him. She then gets out of bed, showing both breasts as she turns to the side and then showing bush too as she walks past a mirror and gives us a full-frontal view. We then see her starting a shower, showing her butt and right breast as she stands naked. From I nostri ragazzi (AKA The Dinner).

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from Oldboy (2013)
from Mr. Turner (2014)
from Shameless (2011)