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from Rest Stop (2006)
  • Rest Stop (2006)

    Jaimie Alexander

    Jaimie Alexander in an office as she rips her white tanktop off to reveal a white lace bra and then grabs an empty liquor bottle and goes outside. She then tries to pop the hood of a car before getting underneath and using a hose to pour gasoline out of the car and into the bottle. Finally she stands in the middle of the road trying to light a match as a car drives towards her until she gets the Molotov cocktail lit and throws it at the car causing it to explode all while she's still just in her bra and jeans. From Rest Stop (AKA Rest Stop: Dead Ahead).

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  • Rest Stop (2006)

    Deanna Russo

    Deanna Russo of Being Human fame strapped topless to a table with pasties over her nipples as she struggles and cries out while a guy threatens her with a drill. From Rest Stop.

    Sexy 0:12 - 13.47 MB - 1916x1080 px June 18th, 2018 @ 8:19 pm Deanna Russo - Rest Stop.mp4

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