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  • Lingerie

    Denise Cobar

    Denise Cobar modeling nude for a painter as he positions her and then rubs paint on her causing her to start putting paint on him as they tease each other before they start kissing and then have sex with her on her stomach and him behind her, and then her on her back with him on top, until finally she rides him while arching her back. From Lingerie.

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from The Affair (2014)
  • The Affair (2014)

    Ruth Wilson

    Ruth Wilson seen briefly in the reflection of a glass door having sex with a guy and then seen on her back having intense sex with him while he's on top of her showing a lot of her breasts and a brief glimpse of the top of her left nipple in the process before just as they're about to finish they hear a baby and stop. From The Affair.

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