from Calendar Girls
from Twins (1988)
  • Twins (1988)

    Kelly Preston

    Kelly Preston seen in a sexy pose on all fours on a bed with her silk nightie pulled up partially over her butt. She then lies down on her back before getting out of bed and showing some pokey nipples as she walks over to a guy who is lying on the floor. She then lays down next to him and kisses him. From Twins.

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from The Baker
  • The Baker

    Kate Ashfield

    Kate Ashfield making out with a guy passionately in a kitchen as they knock over equipment and food, getting covered in it as they roll around and Kate's underwear comes off and we see her left breast briefly as she has sex with the guy on the floor. From The Baker.

    2:10 - 45.03 MB - 1280x544 px May 21st, 2015 @ 7:40 pm Kate Ashfield - The Baker.mp4

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from Anarchy Parlor
  • Anarchy Parlor

    Gabija Urnieziute

    Gabija Urnieziute first seen from behind as she lies on her side on a bed in only thong panties, showing her butt. The camera then moves to the other side of the bed, where we see Claire Garvey on top of a guy as they have sex, though the view of her breasts is blocked from the side by his arms. After they finish, Gabija leans over and kisses Claire before getting out of bed, again showing her butt in her thong as well as her breasts before she walks out of the room topless after gathering up her clothes. From Anarchy Parlor.

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from The Exotic Time Machine