from Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry
from Secret Smile
from The Trouble with Men and Women
from Hangman
  • Hangman

    Kate Ashfield

    Kate Ashfield walking across a bathroom and pulling her pink robe off to reveal her bare butt as she steps into a shower. We then see one butt cheek through the partially-opened shower curtain, and then see her naked getting into the shower from a slightly different angle with some side boob visible. From Hangman.

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  • Hangman

    Kate Ashfield

    Kate Ashfield showing bare breasts while underneath a guy as they have sex in bed, as seen from a security camera with night vision. From Hangman.

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from The Baker
  • The Baker

    Kate Ashfield

    Kate Ashfield making out with a guy passionately in a kitchen as they knock over equipment and food, getting covered in it as they roll around and Kate's underwear comes off and we see her left breast briefly as she has sex with the guy on the floor. From The Baker.

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