from Bitten (2014)
  • Bitten (2014)

    Laura Vandervoort

    Laura Vandervoort of Smallville fame having a guy turn her around and pull her panties off before they make their way over to a doorway and she hangs from the doorjamb while they make out and have intense sex as he holds her up in the air with her legs wrapped around him. From Bitten. Note: The brief glimpse of her ass is likely a body double.

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  • Bitten (2014)

    Jordan Madley

    Jordan Madley pulling her panties off from under her dress and then having a guy help her unzip it to reveal some cleavage in a black bra before she straddles him on a bed and then has him pick her up and scoot her forward so he can go down on her while she sits on his face. From Bitten.

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