Keri Russell in The Americans
Elizabeth Masucci in The Americans
  • The Americans

    Elizabeth Masucci

    Elizabeth Masucci riding a guy in a hotel room, showing her bare butt as she grinds against him as they have sex on a bed. She then reaches back and unhooks her bra, showing her right breast from the side as she leans over to press it against the guy. She then leads him naked into the bathroom, showing her butt again. From The Americans.

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Annet Mahendru in The Americans
Alison Wright in The Americans
Gillian Alexy in The Americans
Aimee Carrero in The Americans
  • The Americans

    Aimee Carrero

    Aimee Carrero leading a guy into an office and kneeling in front of a desk as she unzips his pants. She then stands up and the guy reaches up her dress to pull down her panties, giving us a look at her butt from the side. She then leans over the desk and the guy has sex with her from behind while standing. From The Americans.

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Susan Misner in The Americans
Julia Garner in The Americans
Vera Cherny in The Americans
Marina Squerciati in The Americans
Pamela Zwaskis in The Americans
Callie Thorne in The Americans
  • The Americans

    Callie Thorne

    Callie Thorne of Necessary Roughness fame wearing a bra as she makes out with a guy on a couch as he gets distracted and then sitting up on his lap and talking with him for a while as they continue to occasionally kiss until finally they flip over and he goes back to kissing her while on top. From The Americans.

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  • The Americans

    Callie Thorne

    Callie Thorne of The Mysteries of Laura fame wearing a cyan colored lace bra as she does her makeup in the mirror and then walks around a bedroom before putting on a shirt and sitting down while leaving it unbuttoned all as she talks with a guy who is lying on the bed. From The Americans.

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Elizabeth Marie Chestang in The Americans
Whitney Maris Brown in The Americans
Unknown in The Americans