from All About E (2015)
  • All About E

    Mandahla Rose

    Mandahla Rose and Julia Billington in their underwear as they move toward a bed while making out. The girls then pull their shirts off to go topless and Mandahla lays back while Julia leans over to kiss her breast. Julia then slides Mandahla's panties off and goes down on her while reaching up to squeeze Mandahla's breasts and hard nipples. Julia then lays back and Mandahla reaches down between her legs to finger her while kissing her at the same time. The girls then trade positions and Julia leans over to kiss Mandahla while using her hand to pleasure her. This great lesbian sex scene finishes with the girls in each other's laps fingering one another as they grind together. From All About E. NOTE: Corrected issues with audio.

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