from A Quiet Life (2010)
  • A Quiet Life

    Alice Dwyer

    Alice Dwyer naked on top of a guy as she rides him in bed while he reaches up to grab her breast. They continue to have sex as a phone rings and the guy picks it up. Eventually he pushes Alice aside and we see her bare butt as she climbs off him and sits down on the bed while the guy gets dressed. From A Quiet Life (AKA Una vita tranquilla).

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from Ma folie (2015)
from Freischwimmer (2007)
from Remembrance (2011)
  • Remembrance

    Alice Dwyer

    Alice Dwyer pulling her clothes off as she straddles a guy on the forest floor, briefly showing her breasts before she leans over to kiss him. She and the guy then roll over and begin to have sex as we get a more distant view. From Remembrance (AKA Die verlorene Zeit).

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