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  • The Collector

    Madeline Zima

    Madeline Zima of Heroes fame making out with a guy as they walk through a house, ending up in a kitchen. The guy then lays Madeline back on a table, opening her shirt to expose a black bra. He then unhooks the bra, freeing her breasts and kissing her stomach as he reaches up to squeeze them. From The Collector.

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from Twin Peaks
  • Twin Peaks

    Madeline Zima

    Madeline Zima standing in front of a guy seated on a couch, taking her dress off to expose her butt in a thong and then removing her bra, just out of view of the camera. However, she then bends over to remove her thong panties and we see her left breast come into view as she leans over. Now naked, she climbs into the guy's lap and makes out with him before stopping to look back over her shoulder at a shadowy figure behind her. From Twin Peaks.

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from The Family Tree
from #Stuck
  • #Stuck

    Madeline Zima

    Madeline Zima sneaking out of bed while a guy remains sleeping, Madline showing her panties as she gathers her other clothes. We then see her showing cleavage in her bra as she prepares to get back into bed with the guy, waking him up and then putting on a purple shirt. From #Stuck.

    Sexy 0:53 - 22.45 MB - 1920x808 px October 10th, 2017 @ 2:18 pm Madeline Zima - #Stuck - 1.mp4
  • #Stuck

    Madeline Zima

    Madeline Zima seen from a guy's perspective as she stands in front of him in a bra and panties, showing cleavage as the guy carries her toward a bed, where she lays back and beckons for the guy to join her. He leans over and kisses her and we get some close-up views of her body in her underwear. From #Stuck.

    Sexy 1:47 - 54.99 MB - 1920x808 px October 10th, 2017 @ 2:16 pm Madeline Zima - #Stuck - 2.mp4
  • #Stuck

    Madeline Zima

    Madeline Zima appearing from behind a freezer door in a kitchen wearing a bra and panties. She shows cleavage as she approaches a guy and makes out with him before walking into a bathroom, where she stares at herself in a mirror. We then get a view from the guy's perspective as she rejoins him in a living room and kneels down in front of him as she begins to take his pants off. From #Stuck.

    Sexy 2:24 - 68.66 MB - 1920x808 px October 10th, 2017 @ 2:13 pm Madeline Zima - #Stuck - 3.mp4