from Wirey Spindell (1999)
from La maison (2023)
from Kill Crazy (1989)
from Ordinary Victories (2015)
  • Ordinary Victories (2015)

    Maud Wyler

    Maud Wyler sitting in a chair with her butt partially visible as she paints her toenails and a guy takes some pictures of her from behind. The guy then helps her up and snaps some more pictures before they kiss and have sex with Maud sitting on a counter top and the guy standing between her legs. We see a bit more of her breasts with a blanket wrapped around her midsection until she and the guy are interrupted and she quickly covers up and leaves. From Ordinary Victories (AKA Le combat ordinaire).

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from Sing Sing (1983)
  • Sing Sing (1983)

    Marina Suma

    Marina Suma bottomless standing by a shower with her butt in view, taking her shirt off and showing her breasts through the partially frosted shower glass as she steps in. A guy then watches as she showers, Marina giving more blurry looks at her butt and breasts through the glass. Afterward, she backs out of the shower enclosure and gives a clear view of her butt cheek as the guy helps cover her up with a towel. From Sing Sing.

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from Shrinking (2023)