from A Dangerous Fortune (2016)
from Saremo giovani e bellissimi (2018)
from Smoke Screen (2010)
from The Suicide Squad (2021)
from Psi (2014)
  • Psi (2014)

    Mariana Boccara

    Mariana Boccara unbuttoning her blue shirt to reveal her black bra to a guy and then walking into another room where a second guy is on all fours waiting for them as she drops the shirt and waits as the guy on all fours leaves the room and comes back until finally that guy gets on his knees getting ready to go down on the other guy all as Mariana grabs a knife and sneaks up behind him. From Psi.

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  • Psi (2014)

    Camila Leccioli

    Camila Leccioli doing a photo shoot on a set for a photographer while wearing a black and white strapless bikini and holding a sign before some people come and take the sign and fix her hair and then leave her there only in the bikini to take more pictures until it cuts to her walking away in an opened robe with the bikini still on underneath it. From Psi.

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from Death Wish II (1982)