from These Days (2016)
from The Dossier (2015)
from Santitos (1999)
  • Santitos (1999)

    Dolores Heredia

    Dolores Heredia wearing a red lace lingerie dress that shows a bit of her dark red thong panties underneath as the camera pans up her body while she does her makeup in a mirror before a guy comes into the room and takes her over to another mirror and then reaches around cupping her breasts and then sliding his hand down inside of her dress and grabbing her right breast and lifting it up until he goes back to cupping her breasts again and then blows out some candles all while talking to her. From Santitos.

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  • Santitos (1999)

    Maya Zapata

    Maya Zapata at first seen standing in front of a mirror in a white top with no bra and puffy nipples as she brushes her hair while Dolores Heredia walks up smiling at her before we see them in a bedroom with Maya still showing puffy nipple and now in white panties that also show her cameltoe all as Dolores runs her hands down Maya's arms and then hugs her from behind. From Santitos.

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from Stargirl (2020)
  • Stargirl (2020)

    Yvette Monreal

    Yvette Monreal of Faking It fame standing in front of a mirror in her bedroom as she removes her shirt to reveal a light blue bra and then removes the bra and stands topless with the top of her chest and shoulders visible as she works up the courage to take some nude selfies with her cell phone camera. From Stargirl.

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