from Las aventuras del capitán Alatriste (2015)
from Masseuse (1996)
  • Masseuse (1996)

    J.J. Mantia

    J.J. Mantia (credited as Julianne Mantia) removing her white lace bra to reveal her large breasts to a guy and then making out with him topless and in white thong panties as he kisses her breasts and nipples before they have sex at first with her sitting up in his lap kicking her legs way out and then leaning back showing off her body until they switch as she rides him fully nude giving us some great looks at her body. From Masseuse (AKA American Masseuse).

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  • Masseuse (1996)

    Griffin Drew

    Griffin Drew removing her see-through white top to reveal her large breasts and then getting into a hot tub with a guy where they make out and he spends some time sucking on her nipples and grabbing her breasts before they move to the edge of the hot tub as he kisses her breasts some more and then has sex with her all during a fantasy sequence as Griffin lies in bed dreaming of him. From Masseuse (AKA American Masseuse).

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from Black and White (1999)
from Kiss the Abyss (2012)