from The Humorist (2019)
  • The Humorist (2019)

    Polina Aug

    Polina Aug naked on her back as she and a guy have sex in bed. She then rolls over to ride him, her breasts and butt in view from the side. After a bit, she climbs off him and turns on her side. The guy is then seen in the nearby bathroom as Polina sits up on the bed, holding the covers to her chest. We then get a final view of her naked as she stands beside a chair and begins to get dressed by putting on her panties and then pulling a skirt on. Finally, she sits down beside the guy on the bed while putting on a shirt. From The Humorist (AKA Yumorist).

    2:10 - 58.44 MB - 1920x808 px November 16th, 2020 @ 1:58 pm Polina Aug - The Humorist.mp4
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