from Erótica: Luz de Luna (2008)
  • Erótica: Luz de Luna (2008)

    Sharon Zundel

    Sharon Zundel making out with two different guys as they removes her clothes with one of them rubbing her in between the legs and then having her lie on her back while one of the guys goes down on her kissing on top of her bush as the other guy kisses her and sucks on her nipple before she starts having sex on her side with one of the guys behind her all as the other guy starts out involved and then slowly walks away until finally Sharon gets on all fours and has more intense sex with the guy as the other guy watches and then gets angry and stops them all during a threesome scene. From Erótica: Luz de Luna.

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  • Erótica: Luz de Luna (2008)

    Shakti Urrutía

    Shakti Urrutía (credited as Shakty) topless and in black thong panties as she kneels on a bed lesbian kissing Sharon Zundel while removing Sharon's top to reveal her breasts and red g-string panties before Shakti starts licking and sucking on Sharon's nipple as a guy comes up behind Shakti kissing her neck and then Sharon starts kissing Shakti's nipple until a second guy comes up behind Sharon kissing her body from behind all while Shakti and Sharon continue making out. From Erótica: Luz de Luna.

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