from The Waterdance (1992)
from The Deuce (2017)
from Jarhead: Law of Return (2019)
from Skylines (2019)
from Je suis à toi (2014)
  • Je suis à toi (2014)

    Monia Chokri

    Monia Chokri undressing as a guy stands in front of her, Monia taking her shirt off to reveal a bra before the guy puts his arms around her. We then see her lying on her side in bed with him, her left breast coming into view briefly as she helps the guy put a condom on before he rolls over on top of her to begin to have sex. From Je suis à toi (AKA All Yours).

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from Bliss (2019)
  • Bliss (2019)

    Dora Madison

    Dora Madison doing a wild topless dance in a pair of thong panties, throwing paint at a canvas on a wall while covered in blood, eventually getting surrounded by some zombie-like people who crawl on the floor and reach for her legs. She then cries out and they disappear, leaving Dora standing holding a paintbrush and putting some finishing touches on the painting. From Bliss.

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from The Politician (2019)
from The First Wives Club (2019)