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  • About Love (2015)

    Yuliya Snigir

    Yuliya Snigir surprising a guy in his office by removing her white blouse and then her white bra to reveal her breasts before he walks over to her and begins feeling her breasts and rubbing his thumb back and forth over her right nipple and then finally turns her around and drops her skirt and slides his hand down inside her white lace panties. From About Love (AKA Pro lyubov).

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  • About Love (2015)

    Kristina Isaykina

    Kristina Isaykina sleeping naked on a bed giving us a long look at her breasts and at her vagina intentionally censored out all as Renata Litvinova examines her body and talks about it with a guy including a part where she squeezes Kristina's left breast and a brief moment where they forgot to censor as the camera pans upward all while the light in the bedroom changes colors. From About Love (AKA Pro lyubov).

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