from Nazi Overlord
  • Nazi Overlord

    Dominique Swain

    Dominique Swain undressing and showing her bare butt first as she steps through a door to enter a glass-walled chamber. There we see her breasts as she looks at some bugs flying around the room and kisses a guy who was cowering in the corner. The guy then explodes and Dominique gets some blood on her before she walks back out of the chamber, showing her butt once more. From Nazi Overlord.

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from Cold War
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from Naked Vengeance
  • Naked Vengeance

    Deborah Tranelli

    Deborah Tranelli in a bra and panties as a group of guys chase her around a room, pulling her bra open to expose her breasts. We then see more of her naked as the guys assault her, one of them on top of her on a couch before another guy takes her into the corner of the room, revealing her butt when she stands up. Lastly, she is seen lying on the floor in a pair of panties as one of the guys kisses her on her leg. From Naked Vengeance.

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