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from Shameless (2010)
from Brain Dead (1990)
from Wanderlust (2018)
  • Wanderlust (2018)

    Toni Collette

    Toni Collette in a bra first in a bedroom as she stands in front of a guy and begins to remove it. We then see her lying underneath the guy in bed, her breasts mostly blocked from view by the guy's arm or the covers. She and the guy then slowly begin to have sex, pausing fairly soon thereafter to talk. As she and the guy talk, we get a glimpse of her nipple peeking out from under the covers. From Wanderlust.

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from The Laws of Thermodynamics
from The Breed (2001)
from Nightworld
  • Nightworld

    Lorina Kamburova

    Lorina Kamburova making out with a guy as they move back onto a bed, Lorina wearing a nightie that shows cleavage and shows most of her butt as she rolls over on top of the guy while wearing a thong underneath. She then rides the guy, the guy reaching up to run his hands over her breasts and kiss her chest. We see some more of her having sex with him from his perspective before we see her sitting talking to the guy on the bed and then a sofa, still in her nightie. From Nightworld.

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