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  • Welcome to Curiosity

    Nicola Kelleher

    In this scene at a strip club, we first see Mina Renoir flashing her right breast before pulling up her dress and walking down a hallway and onto a stage where Eloise Dale is topless dancing around a pole. Mina then drops her dress and takes over topless dancing as Eloise leaves the stage. Eloise then walks up to a bar where we see Nicola Kelleher carrying a drink over to a guy who is sitting on a sofa. She then turns around and bends over for him while in a bikini-style bottom before facing him and taking her top off to reveal her breasts. From Welcome to Curiosity.

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  • Welcome to Curiosity

    Amrita Acharia

    Amrita Acharia of Game of Thrones fame in a nightie that shows cleavage as she steps into a hotel room with a guy and they make out before moving to the bed. She and the guy continues to kiss and he lowers one of her straps off her shoulder before she pulls out a knife and cuts him on the neck just before some police officers burst into the room. From Welcome to Curiosity.

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