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  • Evil Toons (1992)

    Suzanne Ager

    Suzanne Ager wearing a nightie while lying on her back on the floor as Madison straddles her, pulling at Suzanne's nightie and exposing her breasts. Madison places one hand on Suzanne's breast as she leans over to bite her on the neck before pulling back and giving us a final topless view of Suzanne. From Evil Toons.

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  • Evil Toons (1992)


    Madison wearing an unbuttoned oversized shirt as she sits down on a chair and puts her feet up, spreading her legs to reveal her panties. We also see most of her left breast, followed by her nipple as she runs her hand inside the shirt to touch her breast. She then leans forward, exposing the breast fully as she prepares to go down on a guy who stands in front of her. From Evil Toons.

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