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  • Delirium (1987)

    Sabrina Salerno

    Sabrina Salerno in a bra and high-riding matching panties as she lets a guy out the front door and then walks into a bathroom. There, she pulls the bra off and we see her topless wearing a bee head mask. We then see her without the mask as she runs around trying to escape while being surrounded by a swarm of bees. She then collapses to the floor of the bathroom as a guy in a beekeeper's outfit stands over her. From Delirium.

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  • Delirium (1987)

    Trine Michelsen

    Trine Michelsen wearing a red dress while posing for photographs in a swimming pool along with Marcia Sedoc and one other girl. Trine's dress comes open to expose her breasts and Marcia and the other girl run their hands up to squeeze Trine's breasts while a guy snaps pictures. After they finish, the girls leave the pool and we see Trine covering up while the other two girls remain topless. From Delirium (AKA Le foto di Gioia).

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