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  • Ma ma

    Penélope Cruz

    Penélope Cruz in front of a curtain in a red-lit room as she takes her bra off while some guys watch, revealing her left breast and a CGI scar instead of her right breast. She then walks naked toward the guys, showing her bare butt before they surround her. From Ma ma. NOTE: This scene not included in the US release of the film.

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from Army of One
  • Army of One

    Crystal Breeze

    Kristian Alfonso starting off in a black bra as she undresses in a bathroom. As her character removes the bra, we see bare breasts provided by Crystal Breeze, her body double. Crystal then continues to take her jeans and thong panties off, showing her butt as she steps into a shower, where we see her naked body again through the shower curtain. From Army of One (AKA Joshua Tree).

  • Army of One

    Kristian Alfonso

    Kristian Alfonso of Days of Our Lives fame sucking seductively on a fruit while she straddles a guy as he sits under a railroad bridge in the desert. She then makes out with him and takes her shirt off to reveal cleavage in a black bra. The guy then pulls down her jeans a bit to expose her thong and she continues to kiss him until they are interrupted by a train passing overhead. From Army of One (AKA Joshua Tree).

    Sexy 2:41 - 163.62 MB - 1920x812 px March 27th, 2017 @ 12:39 pm Kristian Alfonso - Army of One.mp4
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