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  • Spring Break

    Nikki Fritz

    A very young Nikki Fritz (credited as Bobbi Fritz) seen pre-breast augmentation in very short red shorts with her ass hanging out of the bottom while making out with a guy as they enter a hotel room and then sitting down on another guy's hands who feels her ass before she lies down in bed and continues kissing the guy while giving us a bit of a look up her shorts in between her legs at her white panties. Next she stands up and removes her shirt to reveal her breasts and then pulls her shorts down to reveal her panties and then climbs back into bed making out with the guy some more. At the same time Ru Flynn (credited as Rhonda Flynn) removes her shirt to reveal her breasts as well and then climbs into bed with a different guy. All of this is happening as some other guys in the room watch in amazement and then try and sneak out. From Spring Break.

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  • Spring Break

    Sheila Kennedy

    Former Penthouse Pet and Big Brother contestant Sheila Kennedy (left) and an unknown woman (right) jumping up and down with their breasts bouncing while braless in white t-shirts as they talk with a guy before some referees pour water inside of the shirts causing them to get wet revealing their nipples as they and several other unknown women begin to dance around some more with their nipples clearly visible until finally they start removing their tops to expose their breasts including Sheila removing hers and whipping it around as they spray her with beer and champagne all during a wet t-shirt contest. From Spring Break.

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