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  • The Hunted

    Joan Chen

    Joan Chen stepping into a bath in a red dress, then emerging from under the water topless, showing her right breast as she stands in the tub holding the dress. A guy then joins her in the water and we see her making out with him and having sex, not quite revealing her nipple again. We also see a few short flashbacks of Joan and the guy having sex in the tub with different footage. From The Hunted.

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  • The Hunted

    Sumi Mutoh

    Sumi Mutoh in a slightly see-through robe that she pulls off her shoulders to reveal her breasts. We see then see her bush and butt as well when she walks naked and kneels behind a guy, sponging his back as she bathes him while he talks to someone else. She then begins to kiss the guy on the neck and shoulders while still naked. From The Hunted.

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