from Zane's the Jump Off
  • Zane's the Jump Off

    Jen Morillo

    Jen Morillo removing her pink dress as she and a guy take their clothes off and then having him pick her up in the air with her legs wrapped around his face topless and in thong panties before he lies her down and removes her panties to reveal her fully nude body and then has sex with her on her back while kissing her large breasts and sucking on her nipples until finally they flip over and she has sex while on top riding him. From Zane's the Jump Off.

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from How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town
from The Tudors
from Thirteen Erotic Ghosts
  • Thirteen Erotic Ghosts

    Julie Strain

    Julie Strain (black hair) and twin sisters Zen and Zero (AKA The Porcelain Twinz) in an outdoor hot tub as they touch each other and lick each other's nipples all while playing with a large silver metallic vibrator by rubbing it on their breasts and repeatedly sucking on it including sometimes taking turns sucking on each end of it at the same time as they move it in and out and at one point having one of the twins keep it in her mouth as she uses the vibrator on Julie Strain from behind until finally Julie raises it up in the air and they accidentally get struck by lightning all during a threesome lesbian scene. From Thirteen Erotic Ghosts.

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