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  • Alien Intruder

    Tracy Scoggins

    Tracy Scoggins of Babylon 5 fame seen in a brightened version of a very dark silhouette scene as she straddles a blindfolded guy naked on a bed while tying him up and then removing the blindfold and kissing his chest and licking him while he tries to figure out what's going on as she starts trying to get him to have sex with her until finally they start doing it all while giving us some dark views of her breasts and ass. From Alien Intruder.

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  • Alien Intruder

    Melinda Armstrong

    Melinda Armstrong seen in the background fully nude as she takes a steamy shower and washes her body while a guy watches before she wraps a towel around her shoulders covering her breasts but leaving her bottomless giving us some dark looks at her bush and ass in a mirror as she talks with him for a bit until finally he leaves. From Alien Intruder.

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