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    Elizabeth Gillies

    Elizabeth Gillies of Victorious fame walking down some stairs in an opened blue robe and then removing it to reveal a blue bikini top. She then sits in a hot tub with some guys until another guy bursts out from underwater freaking her out, before they all sit and talk for a while. Finally a guy falls from an upstairs window into the hot tub causing the water to splash everywhere and Elizabeth to yell at him. From iCarly.

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from Live Nude Girls (2014)
  • Live Nude Girls (2014)

    Missy Martinez

    Missy Martinez topless showing her large breasts while sitting on some DJ equipment and wearing headphones as she has sex with a guy before another guy walks by and notices them doing it and then tries to get their attention by flipping the lights off and on and then pulls the plug on the headphone surprising them and having Missy sit up and talk with them for a bit still showing her breasts until finally a group of people partying wanders in and interrupts all of them. From Live Nude Girls.

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