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  • Chicks Dig Gay Guys

    Terri Ivens

    Terri Ivens of All My Children fame scrambling around a room in a black bra and black thong panties showing her ass as she tries to hide two guys as her husband comes up and then talking with her husband briefly before they start making out intensely and then having hard sex on the bed giving us some glimpses of her right nipple as it accidentally slips out of her bra and as she chokes him all while the two guys hide under the bed listening. From Chicks Dig Gay Guys.

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from The Corruptor
  • The Corruptor

    Alice Poon

    Alice Poon and an unknown topless woman walking through a bath house with her right nipple hanging out of her robe as she leads a guy into a room and then climbs on top of him and lowers her robe to reveal her breasts and starts giving him a massage and pressing her breasts against his back and licking his ear before he turns over in surprise as she leans down and starts kissing him. From The Corruptor.

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