from Zane's the Jump Off (2013)
from Zakrytye Prostranstva (2008)
  • Zakrytye Prostranstva (2008)

    Mariya Mashkova

    Mariya Mashkova having a guy push her out of a chair causing her unclasped bra to fall off and then covering her breasts as he removes a metallic ball from a hook on the ceiling and hands it to her showing her breasts through the bars. Next he takes a rope and makes a noose out of it and then affixes it to the ceiling while she watches and then proceeds to hang himself. Mariya is then seen running over to him in slow motion with her breasts bouncing in a shot that is crossed with one of him lying on the ground until finally she's seen running into the other room and coming back with a knife to cut him down. From Zakrytye Prostranstva (AKA Closed Spaces).

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