from Savage Grace (2007)
from Stay as You Are (1978)
from Berserker (2004)
  • Berserker (2004)

    Kari Wuhrer

    Kari Wuhrer walking up to a shower and dropping the sheet that she is wrapped in to show her bare butt as she goes naked. We then see her breasts a few times in a stylized flashback sequence in which we see her playing under a waterfall with a guy and getting dressed afterward. We then get a clearer view of her breasts once more as we see her showering in the present time again, being joined by a guy who makes out with her. From Berserker.

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from The Mend (2014)
  • The Mend (2014)

    Lucy Owen

    Lucy Owen seen naked from behind as she stands at a window and pulls up a shade. She then turns around we see breasts and a brief flash of bush as she leans over to lay down with a guy in bed. We then see Lucy in a pink tank top showing some pokey nipples, along with blue panties, as she sits smoking a cigarette and then walks down a hallway to get a cup of coffee. From The Mend.

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from Ray Donovan (2013)
from Eden (2014)
from Rolls-Royce Baby