from The Sleeping Dictionary (2003)
from Jersey Shore Massacre (2014)
from Bad Moon (1996)
  • Bad Moon (1996)

    Johanna Marlowe

    Johanna Marlowe showing bare breasts in a sex scene with a guy in a tent, Johanna kissing the guy and then riding him with her shirt open so that the guy can reach up to squeeze her left breast. We then see the guy laying her back with both breasts in view before she once more gets on top as they continue to have sex. As she rolls over, we get a quick view of her bare butt, too. From Bad Moon.

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from Violette (2013)
from Macbeth (1971)
  • Macbeth (1971)

    Francesca Annis

    Francesca Annis walking naked across a room with her bare butt in view as well as her left breast with her hair hanging down over it. She seats herself at a desk and rubs her hands together before standing up again and showing her butt once more. A guy then guides her across the room and we get a quick flash of her bush as she walks backward before getting into bed. From Macbeth (AKA The Tragedy of Macbeth).

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