from Co-Ed Confidential (2007)
from Pimp Bullies (2011)
from The Great Beauty (2013)
  • The Great Beauty (2013)

    Anita Kravos

    Anita Kravos kneeling nude showing her ass as some girls wrap some white fabric around her head and then standing up fully nude with her bush painted red to look like the flag from the Soviet Union before she turns and runs into a stone wall and then rolls around naked on the ground for a bit until finally she stands back up and yells to the crowd all during some performance art. From The Great Beauty (AKA La grande bellezza).

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  • The Great Beauty (2013)

    Isabella Ferrari

    Isabella Ferrari sitting on the edge of a bed holding a red sheet to her chest showing the side of her right breast and then lying back showing some cleavage as she talks with a guy for a while until finally she rolls off the bed and gets up giving us a look down the sheet at more of her breasts. From The Great Beauty (AKA La grande bellezza).

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from 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012)