from The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
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from The Ladies Man
from The Burning
  • The Burning

    Carolyn Houlihan

    Carolyn Houlihan going skinny-dipping with a guy in a pond at night, showing her bare butt as she walks toward the water, and then full nudity from in front. She splashes around in the water with the guy for a bit before we once again see her breasts, bush, and butt when she walks back out of the water and through the woods to find her clothes that she left scattered on the bushes. From The Burning.

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  • The Burning

    Carrick Glenn

    Carrick Glenn shown topless in an outdoor shower, her breasts visible as she washes her hair and then reaches to open the shower curtain. Next, we see Carrick topless again as she puts on a shirt after her shower. From The Burning.

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