from Spartacus: War of the Damned
from Banshee
  • Banshee

    Ivana Milicevic

    Ivana Milicevic undressing as a guy looks on, baring her breasts before she steps toward him and kisses him. She then ends up naked in his lap as they have sex on the floor, Ivana riding him as he puts his hands on her hips. They then finish having sex on a red couch before we get one more look at Ivana's bare butt while lying on her stomach on the floor afterward. From Banshee.

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  • Banshee

    Claire Bronson

    Claire Bronson seen naked through some frosty shower glass before she walks up to a guy in a bathroom and we see her bare breasts. She then kneels down to try to go down on him before he stops her, at which point we see her bare butt standing up before she wraps herself in a towel. From Banshee.

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from Higher Learning
from Valentine (2001)
from A Burning Hot Summer
from 2ND Take
  • 2ND Take

    Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones appearing in a doorway in a bra and panties, showing some nice cleavage as she bends over while approaching a guy sitting on the foot of a bed before passing out beside him. We then see her lying on her stomach on the bed. From 2ND Take (AKA Take Two).

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from Necessary Roughness