from The Hunger (1983)
from Xanadu
  • Xanadu

    Mathilde Bisson

    Mathilde Bisson approaching a bed in a white tank top that shows hard nipples and a pair of panties. She then pulls the tank top off and shows her breasts and butt while bending over to slide her panties down. She then joins a guy on the bed to have sex while being filmed, first on her back and then riding the guy in his lap. The guy then has trouble staying hard and Mathilde reaches down to try to help him with her hands From Xanadu.

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from The Comedy
from Le guetteur
  • Le guetteur

    Géraldine Martineau

    Géraldine Martineau showing full nudity when she runs stark naked down a road with a guy and then through a forest, being chased by another guy with a gun. They run through the trees for a while before Géraldine squats down beside her guy and holds his arm for a bit before running off alone, still showing breasts, buns, and bush. From Le guetteur (AKA The Lookout).

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from The Squid and the Whale