from The Change-Up
  • The Change-Up

    Olivia Wilde

    Olivia Wilde standing in front of a guy who is sitting on a couch and pulling down her jeans to reveal her butt in a thong. She then climbs into the guy's lap, taking her wet shirt off to expose her bra as well while we get some more looks at her panties from behind. The guy then peels her bra off and places his hands on her breasts. While a nipple is visible a few times in this scene, it is unfortunately computer generated (like all the other nudity in this movie). From The Change-Up.

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from Lily Sometimes
from Screwed
  • Screwed

    Kate Magowan

    Kate Magowan wearing nothing but an oversized button-down shirt that a guy tears open to expose her breasts. He then picks her up, leaning her against the wall as he has sex with her. They then move to a couch where he lays her down on her back and we see her left breast again as they finish having sex. From Screwed.

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from Sons of Anarchy
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