from Kingpin (1996)
  • Kingpin (1996)

    Vanessa Angel

    Vanessa Angel of Weird Science fame wearing short yellow shorts and a low cut yellow top that shows a lot of cleavage as she jumps up and down at a bowling alley trying to distract guys eventually having the tops of her nipples pop out and then grabbing her breasts and pushing them up while look at her areolas. Hi-res DVD capture from Kingpin.

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  • Kingpin (1996)

    Lorri Bagley

    Lorri Bagley of Veronica's Closet fame wearing a white bra and white panties with white stockings as she dances for a guy in a strip club while talking to him before stopping as her manager walks up and talks to the guy all as she shows some nice cleavage. Hi-res DVD capture from Kingpin.

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