from Psychosis (2010)
  • Psychosis (2010)

    Charisma Carpenter

    Charisma Carpenter of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fame seen in two scenes intercut together, the first of which she is making out with a guy on a bed while wearing a nightgown and then second of which she is having sex with the guy on her back in a chair with her legs spread. Hi-res DVD capture from Psychosis.

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  • Psychosis (2010)

    Katrena Rochell

    Katrena Rochell sitting on a couch with a red robe wrapped around her as a guy sits down next to her and then picks her up kissing her causing her breasts to become exposed before they both lie down on the bed and talk and kiss for a while giving us glimpses of her breasts and her ass in beige thong panties. Hi-res DVD capture from Psychosis.

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from The Exotic House of Wax (1997)
from Zane's Sex Chronicles (2008)
  • Zane's Sex Chronicles (2008)

    Kaylani Lei

    Kaylani Lei walking into a room and removing her dress to reveal her breasts and black thong panties as she talks with a guy and then climbing into his lap and letting him lick her nipple and kiss her breasts before she has sex with him from behind while looking in a hand held mirror at him and then finally gets into a standing 69 position with him holding her in the air as they both go down on each other. Hi-res DVD capture from Zane's Sex Chronicles.

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from Stargate Universe (2009)