from Rise: Blood Hunter (2007)
from The Tudors (2007)
  • The Tudors (2007)

    Joanne King

    Joanne King heard as she finishes having sex with a guy as the camera pans over from a fireplace to the bed. As Joanne comes into view, she is lying on her back naked, the sheets pulled up to her waist so that we get a topless view. She shows more of her breasts as she rolls onto her side next to the guy and then he gets on top of her to begin having sex once again. From The Tudors.

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from Little Ashes (2008)
  • Little Ashes (2008)

    Marina Gatell

    Marina Gatell making out with a guy and lowering her pink dress to go fully nude as another guy sits on the floor and watches her. We then see Marina naked on top of the first guy as she rides him, showing her bare butt and even a bit of a view between her legs from behind as she has sex. She then rolls onto her back, showing more of her breasts while continuing to have sex. From Little Ashes.

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from Jade (1995)