from Six Swedes at a Pump (1980)
from Dream On (1990)
  • Dream On (1990)

    Cherie Michan

    Cherie Michan removing her black top to reveal a black bra and then removing that to reveal her large breasts as she plays strip poker with some guys and finally sits holding her breasts with her arms for a bit as they continue to play. Hi-res DVD capture from Dream On.

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  • Dream On (1990)

    Laura Albert

    Laura Albert lying topless on her stomach as a guy pours oil on her back and starts to massage her before she rolls over to reveal her breasts and starts talking to him and then finally slides her hand in between his legs and rubs his crotch a bit. Hi-res DVD capture from Dream On.

    0:22 - 5.45 MB - 624x480 px January 1st, 2009 @ 8:53 pm [email protected]

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  • Dream On (1990)

    Debra Engle

    Debra Engle removing her red top as she straddles a guy on a bed and then having sex with him while riding him giving us some glimpses of the pasties covering her breasts and nipples. Hi-res DVD capture from Dream On.

    Sexy 0:42 - 10.18 MB - 624x480 px January 1st, 2009 @ 8:50 pm [email protected]

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from Voyeur Confessions (2001)
from Lost (2004)
  • Lost (2004)

    Evangeline Lilly

    Evangeline Lilly wearing a blue button up shirt with no pants and having her white panties show a bit before she reaches up to kiss a guy and then jumps up and wraps her legs around him and has him grab her ass with his hands while they make out and walk down the hallway. Hi-res DVD capture from Lost.

    Sexy 0:27 - 7.44 MB - 720x400 px January 1st, 2009 @ 8:43 pm [email protected]

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from Whisper (2007)