from Cecilia
  • Cecilia

    Lina Romay

    Lina Romay lying on the ground with her breasts exposed and her dress pulled up showing her bush and then Ana Paula running her hands over Lina's body and kissing her breasts before Muriel Montossé and some guys join in and they all start kissing and touching each others bodies while and old man watches during a long orgy scene. Hi-res DVD capture from Cecilia (AKA Sexual Aberrations of a Housewife).

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  • Cecilia

    Muriel Montossé

    Muriel Montosse fully nude in the back of a car as two guys grope her and kiss her and then start having sex with her while she struggles and fights until finally she gives in and starts to enjoy it all while the chauffeur in the front of the car watches in the rear view mirror. Hi-res DVD capture from Cecilia (AKA Sexual Aberrations of a Housewife).

    2:16 - 38.57 MB - 656x400 px August 18th, 2008 @ 4:33 pm MurielMontosse@Cecilia-02-CMA.mpg

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from The Dawn
  • The Dawn

    Claudia Davila

    Claudia Davila lying topless in in brown panties sleeping against a pillow and then having a nightmare about a guy standing over her bed causing her to writhe around giving us some great looks at her breasts before finally she wakes up and sits up topless. Hi-res DVD capture from The Dawn.

    1:20 - 19.27 MB - 640x480 px August 18th, 2008 @ 4:31 pm ClaudiaDavila@TheDawn-1-CMA.mpg

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from Love Circles Around the World
from Solo Sunny
  • Solo Sunny

    Jacqéline Pöggel

    Jacqéline Pöggel covering her breasts with a blanket on a bed as Renate Krößner barges into the room and makes her get up off of the bed giving us a glimpse of Jacqéline's bush and breasts as she adjusts a sheet to cover herself while hiding against a wall until Renate rips the sheet off of her leaving her topless and trying to cover her breasts. Hi-res DVD capture from Solo Sunny.

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from Border Lost