Martha Higareda in Altered Carbon
Kristin Lehman in Altered Carbon
Dichen Lachman in Altered Carbon
  • Altered Carbon

    Dichen Lachman

    Dichen Lachman showing full nudity when she jumps through some glass into a circular room, walking toward Martha Higareda, who is holding a gun on her. Dichen circles the room, showing her breasts, bush, and butt before she begins to fight with Martha. After a bit, Martha shoots Dichen and Dichen falls to the floor. However, some copies of Dichen then appear from other pods in the wall, Martha shooting them successively as they fall to the ground naked as well. From Altered Carbon.

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Hannah Rose May in Altered Carbon
Lisa Chandler in Altered Carbon
Nalani Wakita in Altered Carbon
Lexi Atkins in Altered Carbon
  • Altered Carbon

    Lexi Atkins

    Lexi Atkins sitting on the edge of a bed wearing a see-through teddy that clearly shows her breasts underneath as a guy walks into the room. She talks to the guy for a while, first sitting and then standing facing him. After a while, she sits down on the bed again and the guy hands her a drink before she passes out and he picks her up and lays her down on the bed. From Altered Carbon.

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Stephanie Cleough in Altered Carbon
Alyson Bath in Altered Carbon
Olga Fonda in Altered Carbon
Kat Pasion in Altered Carbon