Tara Strohmeier in Hollywood Boulevard
Candice Rialson in Hollywood Boulevard
  • Hollywood Boulevard

    Candice Rialson

    Candice Rialson on her back filming a gang rape scene for a movie as several men rip her clothes off revealing her breasts as she screams and struggles while the director tells them what to do until the men start getting too aggressive and really attacking her causing some other people on the set to rush in and push them off of her. From Hollywood Boulevard.

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Rita George in Hollywood Boulevard
Sue Veneer in Hollywood Boulevard
Unknown in Hollywood Boulevard
  • Hollywood Boulevard


    Several unknown women braless and in white t-shirts as they stand in a line while a director talks with them before they start spraying the women with a hose causing their shirts to get wet revealing their breasts and dark nipples underneath. The director then chooses two girls to get into a van with him while they continue spraying the other girls with water until finally all of them are seen jumping up and down and cheering. From Hollywood Boulevard.

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