Caroline Anglade in Joséphine s'arrondit
Victoria Abril in Joséphine s'arrondit
  • Joséphine s'arrondit

    Victoria Abril

    Victoria Abril naked as she paints on a large canvas, showing her bare butt when a guy enters the studio. She then turns around and we see some of her breasts when her hair swings from side to side to expose her nipples. She then shows her butt again as she walks around before finally putting on a robe. From Joséphine s'arrondit.

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Sarah Suco in Joséphine s'arrondit
  • Joséphine s'arrondit

    Sarah Suco

    Sarah Suco walking into a house making out with a guy, showing plenty of leg in her short jean shorts as they make their way toward a staircase. As she follows the guy up the stairs, she pulls her shirt off and we see her right breast. We then see Sarah topless when she wakes up in bed next to the guy, startling both of them. From Joséphine s'arrondit.

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