Lauren German in Chicago Fire
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Izabella Miko in Chicago Fire
  • Chicago Fire

    Izabella Miko

    Izabella Miko playing a stripper wearing a pink bra and skimpy panties that show off her ass as she pole dances on a stage while a guy walks through the strip club and checks her out before she comes over to him and talks with him next to a bar and then gives us another look at her ass as she walks away until finally she stands in the middle of a club staring at a different guy and then turns and leaves. From Chicago Fire.

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Cole Millette in Chicago Fire
  • Chicago Fire

    Cole Millette

    Cole Millette wearing a blue tanktop and striped black panties as she walks up to a doorway and talks with a guy and then goes into the kitchen and talks a bit more as she gets a cup of coffee before she walks out and stands on her tiptoes to kiss a guy and then goes to leave all while giving us a look at her ass. From Chicago Fire.

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Kate Smith in Chicago Fire
  • Chicago Fire

    Kate Smith

    Kate Smith giving us a long look at her body in a blue bikini as she kneels on a beach while Dora Madison (brunette) and Kara Killmer (blonde) perform CPR on a guy for a while until they decide to shock him causing them to accidentally also electrocute Kate before Dora starts trying to revive Kate by attaching defibrulator pads as she lifts up Kate's bikini top and slides it inside and while giving us some looks at Kate's ass as she lies on the sand. From Chicago Fire.